Competitive Advantages

We believe that Stone Key Partners has several competitive advantages that distinguish us from our competitors:

Technology Industry Sector Focus & Experience

We specialize in advising clients within the areas of Government and Commercial Technology, two markets that have always been and continue to be highly dynamic and constantly evolving. Given that each of our partners has spent decades working with companies in these sectors, we are able to provide our clients with actionable and achievable advice based on our vast experience and extensive domain knowledge.

Customized, Differentiated Advice

We draw on our deep industry insight, extensive network of industry relationships and decades of transaction experience to provide creative and custom-tailored advice to our clients. We strive to provide our clients with innovative strategies to position them to thrive in the rapidly changing and tumultuous technology landscape.

Expertise in Complex, Mission Critical Transactions

We understand that every one of our client’s transactions is critical to their overall business success. We have an extensive history of developing and seamlessly executing complex, high-impact, mission critical strategic and tactical transactions that maximize long-term shareholder value for our clients and their key stakeholders.

Dedicated, Senior Level Attention

Stone Key Partners is firmly committed to its clients and uniquely dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of an advisory assignment run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Stone Key offers its clients unfettered access to our senior professionals who are involved in all critical aspects of an advisory assignment, including the initial engagement, the design and development of a course of action and the tactical implementation of the agreed upon strategy.