Business Principles

The following principles govern Stone Key Partner’s character and culture, and are fundamental to our team’s strength and success.


As an independent strategic financial advisory firm, our professionals pride themselves on maintaining the highest levels of integrity. We believe that our reputation is a crucial factor in allowing us to foster long-standing relationships with clients and even competitors. We provide sound, conflict-free advice that can be successfully implemented. The judgment and advice that we provide our clients is objective and unfiltered so that the message that our client needs to hear is delivered directly in a timely manner.


The Stone Key Partners team is exclusively focused on the Government and Commercial Technology sectors and our advice is based on our deep domain expertise. In addition, our corporate culture and our operating philosophy, which is based on rigorous analysis, provides for unique, results-oriented solutions. We approach each and every assignment from a holistic point of view while simultaneously examining the finest details to determine the most appropriate path for our clients. Once a suitable solution has been identified, we develop and implement a highly-customized plan to achieve success.


Stone Key’s professionals serve as trusted confidants, helping define and achieve our client’s long-term objectives with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Our professionals always function as strategic advisors or consiglieres to the firm’s clients and therefore have a long-term view toward building, developing and enhancing Stone Key Partners’ relationships.


Because our business is driven by intellectual capital and not financial capital, we only hire exceptionally talented and highly self-motivated professionals who are excited and committed to work in a dynamic, entrepreneurial and collegial environment. Once at Stone Key, team members are trained, developed and then encouraged and expected to provide comprehensive, reliable and timely advice that is based on thorough, well-researched analysis that exceeds our clients’ expectations.