Stone Key Capital

Stone Key’s proprietary investing activities are conducted through Stone Key Capital. Stone Key Capital seeks to identify strategic opportunities across the technology landscape and to deploy capital in proprietary investment situations to generate significant capital appreciation. We leverage the firm’s full range of capabilities to capitalize on investment opportunities in the Government and Commercial Technology sectors, as well as in the ongoing convergence between these two critical markets.

Founding Partners

Doni Fordyce Doni Fordyce

Founding Partner

Doni is President and Chief Operating Officer of Stone Key Group. As a Founding Partner of Stone Key Capital, Doni has responsibility for Stone Key's principal investing activities as well as all aspects of SKG Real Estate.  Doni has two decades of senior executive and investment management experience and most recently was a founding partner and Executive Vice President of L-1 Identity Solutions, a publicly traded market leader in the homeland security and defense industries. Continue reading

Michael J. Urfirer Michael J. Urfirer

Founding Partner

Michael Urfirer is Chairman and  Chief Executive Officer of Stone Key Group. Prior to founding Stone Key, Michael was a Vice Chairman of Investment Banking and Global Head of Strategic Advisory Banking at Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. Continue reading